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Guide To Shopping For An Instrument: Must-Know Factors To Consider Before Buying A Tibetan Singing Bowl

You might have heard of sound massage and sound healing. These beliefs are grounded on the Tibetan custom that singing bowls can help calm a person who is always in tension. Basic knowledge is important, you must at least know what is that you are going to purchase and the purpose of the instrument. If you have plans of buying your own Tibetan singing bowl then you must be patient.

Knowing that there is a wide pool of options and many different varieties of singing bowls, choosing one can be daunting. That is why this article came up with points that will guide you on your selection process. To find out more about what are the factors you should assess, check out the list below.

How is it made has a huge impact on the price difference of the instrument. Those that are industrialized are mass produce that comes in a budget-friendly price tag. While on the other side of the coin, those that are handmade are much more expensive given that time was allocated for its production.

You must try it before you buy it, listen to the sound that it makes. In doing so you must consider that as the sound of the singing bowl which varies depending on humidity, temperature, the room dimensions, as well as the manner in which the bowl is tapped.

Feel the vibrations, its weight and of course the touch. When a singing bowl is large it has a stronger sound but lower vibrations. While those smaller bowls come in a high-pitched sound with a lot more intense vibrations. Typically, those that are smaller singing bowls are utilized during meditation sessions. You can experiment with the sounds of the bowls before settling but you can also consider mixing the varieties so that there is harmony between them.

With a checklist like this, hopefully, you will be able to find the singing bowl that is right for you. Even with a lot of factors to consider, you must not be overwhelmed with it as the same time do not feel pressured to in your selection process. Take the time to examine each bowl out and find whether it is the one you need. Check Silver Sky Imports to learn more.

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